22 May 2012


Two Papadiamandis books came in from Denise Harvey in Greece this week.

Here are some photos:

Note that the copy of Love in the Snow is one of the older style European monographs with the uncut clusters of pages.  That lovely manner of printing is so rarely found today I had to photo the uncut pages.

I plan on reading both books this weekend and will report back on both next week.


  1. Those uncut pages are a bibliophile's aphrodisiac. Just picking up a book with those pages is therapeutic. Papadiamandis is at the top of my list of Books to Buy When There's a Bit of Disposable Income.

  2. "a bibliophile's aphrodisiac" - indeed! Well said. Though it is a bit expensive, I would recommend starting with The Boundless Garden:


    There are used copies on Amazon going for $45, which means $49 with shipping, so I would recommend ordering a copy from Denise Harvey in Greece. At €22.00 for the pb (which today would be $27.68) and even with a higher shipping rate it will be considerably cheaper. I got the above photographed books from Denise Harvey and they arrived quickly and in good shape and on top of that the package had Greek stamps which my kids enjoyed looking at.

  3. Good to know about the shipping! And Greek stamps sound like the sort of thing my boys would love.

  4. I got 'Love in the Snow' at a neat little bookshop in Thessaloniki back in 2004. I too am a fan of the uncut pages. You know that there is a whole multi-volume collection of the works of Stelios Ramfos (author of 'Like a Pelican in the Wilderness') all printed and bound just like that? I have the 'Pelican' volume, which includes material not translated in the original English edition.

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